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Community Gardens

Pre Sale E-Book: Growing a Garden in the Community by Leo Nguyen

Pre Sale E-Book: Growing a Garden in the Community by Leo Nguyen

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Pre Sales on the The Upcoming book

Release Eta : June 2024 - July 2024 

Thank you taking a look at my upcoming E-Book :

This is a pre order for anyone who has ever wanted to create something apart of their community that their passionate in. This is my First E-Book I’ve ever written. The title of the E-Book is “Growing a Garden in the Community by Leo Nguyen”


I’ve been asked by a lot of people about the story of creating brand while having my day job of being a car sales/sales manager & many different questions on the processes. This will have stories that will relate to you and your journey. This will have brief recap of 2022, the first full year of operating and creating Community Gardens, a local northwest Washington State brand and what I learn from doing 15 Collaborations the first year working with different brands & fast forward to 2023 of getting into making clothing getting into retail spaces, doing pop ups and continuing growing. To where I’m going. My goal is to tell my story but also transform anyone’s perception of creating something. 



This is my story , hopefully it helps you to create your story. 

To ask your questions please email them to 


*You don’t have to pre-order to ask questions, I just put that because if I see someone email who has made a pre-payment. I know that you’re invested into this and believe that I might be able to speak on something that will help you with your process or somebo

I’ll make sure to answer them in the E-book or reply to your email with that answer.  



Thank you for supporting ! 
Excited to hear about your garden & how it’s growing 

Love Leo Nguyen from Community Gardens

Take Care, Be Well



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